Totally INSANE: 69 Position Motorcycle Wheelie! Her Father Must Be Proud!

The number 69 is funny by itself and whenever someone mentions it, our dirty minds start working. However, this time the popular 69 position is looking quite dangerous, because it is done during a pretty fast motorbike ride, or more precisely a motorcycle wheelie. Here is the full story. One couple tries to do an astonishing trick with its bike while going fast on a public highway. Right after the girl gets her comfortable position on the vehicle, the driver or her boyfriend in this case, starts to smash the streets with an ultra speed that will surely leave you jaw-dropped. Luckily, this stunt has ended with no incidents and for that we must praise the courage that this crazy couple definitely has.

The whole gang conquers the highway with their beastly looking bikes, but the couple that does the insane 69 position on the bike is definitely the one that stole the show. Here, we talk about epic skills that are fun and worth watching.

Finally, once again we must say that this “ride or die” girl is one in a billion. Her boyfriend is the luckiest man on Earth by having this gorgeous partner in crime.

Click on the video bellow to see the full action and feel free to comment.